Key to a good GPA? Getting enough ZZZZs

Studies show that one of the keys to success in college is getting enough sleep.  In a recent eCampus News article it states:

College health official finally are realizing that healthy sleep habits are a potential miracle drug for much of what ails the famously frazzled modern American college student: anxiety, depression, physical health problems, and–more than most students realize–academic troubles.  Some studies have found that students getting adequate sleep average a full letter grade higher than those who don’t. Continue reading “Key to a good GPA? Getting enough ZZZZs”

Google Chrome Blocking Multimedia On Webpages

(a captioned version is available @

Google Chrome browser, starting with version 21, has started blocking content considered to be “mixed content.”  Pages on secure sites (having “https” in the URL rather than “http”) that contain “insecure” content (content from a site that does not use “https”) will have the insecure content blocked automatically by Chrome.   This is an issue in both Blackboard and Moodle as both John A. Logan systems are secure sites.  However, videos and other content embedded on pages on these systems may be content pulled from sites that are not secure.

This does NOT mean that the content is dangerous for your computer.  It just means that content from some sites cannot be embedded so that it is considered “secure.”  There are many faculty members using content from YouTube, Screencast, Twitter, etc., that may be blocked by Chrome browser.  This video shows how to make that content display on your computer.